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For us to be successful, we need as much support as possible from past students.  We need you to join in as members.


Why do alumni associations exist?  Do they serve any purpose at all?  Do people really need them or want them for that matter?  In fact they are striving all over the country.  Granted, some are peripherally alive but nevertheless, exist they do!  We can only assume that people want them and they must serve some kind of purpose somehow.  Such is the case of our very own Gajah Berang School Alumni Association (GBSAA). 
The most basic purpose of GBSAA is that it acts as a forum, a meeting venue, where past students of our alma mater can get together, meet, chat or just to reminisce with long lost friends. We are also capable of organising formal social events such as annual dinners and such likes.  Whole families are involved when they participate in activities like family days, family outings, bowling, potluck parties etc. 
GBSAA plans to be a tracking or monitoring focal point for its members.  With the cooperation and help of members, we will be able to furnish them with information as to the whereabouts of former schoolmates and ex students of the school.  Our members’ listing in our website can serve this purpose well. 
But more than this, the dynamics within GBSAA can be readily discerned.
Ours is a force where a group of former students with a common educational institutional heritage share a vision, work together and make a difference for ourselves and for others. GBSAA is a quintessence of that sense of pride, that sense of belonging. 
GBSAA is an association that wants to give something back to the alma mater that has taught, nurtured and guided its charges through that period of turbulence called adolescence.  We are also a system of networking,  The service rendered by this system can be absolutely phenomenal. You can never know where, when or how you may need the assistance, advice, support or just a willing ear from someone who may be in the right place with the right contacts or connections. The possibilities are enormous, whether it be business, pleasure or just social interaction. 
For us to be successful, we need as much support as possible from past students.  We need you to join in as members.  This will provide a very potent base and indicate popular support for the Association but this is not a critical factor.  What is critical is the presence of a core few who are dedicated and committed to make GBSAA a success. We are fortunate to have leaders imbued with the spirit of service who believe that good deeds are their own rewards and who are willing to plan and implement programmes, projects and activities.

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