Be careful when furnishing your personal data

The Malay Mail on 25 October 2010 published an article titled "Privacy Pirates" about their investigation into how easy and inexpensive it was to purchase personal information from telemarketing companies.  The ease of acquisiton, and the manner with which personal data appears to have found its way into the hands of these database marketing comapanies leaves room for concern.

One female student when contacted, was surprised that her pre-paid mobile phone number was circulated after she had registered her phone only two weeks prior.

For RM5,000 you can purchase a dataabse of 24,000 records of people living in high-end areas like Bukit Tunku.

For RM1,200 you can get 16,000 records of individuals with a credit card limit above RM30,000.

Under the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (enforced early 2011) personal data cannot be divulged without the consent of the data subject.

In western countries, there have been for many years now strict rules (Data Protection Acts) for custodians of personal data, about how they are acquired, stored, safeguarded and divulged to persons outside the Company. 

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