GBSAA Committee Meeting

GBSAA Committee Meeting - 25th Anniversary Dinner Planning

On 25 September 2010, the GBSAA Committee held its meeting at the KGPA, chaired by Hamzah to discuss and plan the final preparations for the 25th Anniversary Dinner to be held on 8 October 2010.


Prior to the meeting, the attendees were treated to lunch, courtesy of Tan Sri Dr Hadenan, our association Deputy President.


Committee members were assigned various roles on the night itself.  Some members of the Committee agreed to meet up at the Dinner venue on 2 October 2010 to verify that all requested facilities were available.

Front Row, Left to Right

Capt Retired Wan Hock Leong

Tan Eng Chye (Secretary)

Tan Sri Hadenan (Deputy President)

Hamzah S Mohamad (President)

Dato Lee Kwang Lock (Vice Pesident)

Richard Tan

Back Row, Left to Right

Nicholas Wang

Tony Lee

Richard Foo

Lim See Seng, Victor

Lim Tau Poon

Frank Low

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