SPM Award of Excellence 2009. Tan Zi Liang

I studied at SMK Gajah Berang from the year 2005 to 2009. In my first year of education in SMK Gajah Berang, I was placed in the first class due to my excellent result in my UPSR in which I obtained 7As. I was lucky that the teachers assigned to my class were very committed in educating us and this had motivated me to study even harder and always strived for the best in life. Although I got good results most of the times from Form 1 to Form 3, I also had a few occasions when I failed to do my best in my school examinations.  However, it was those occasions that made me realised that sometimes things weren’t so rosy all the time. It was also those occasions that helped to spur me to strive even harder that resulted in me obtaining 8As in my PMR.
The results I obtained in my PMR is paramount for me to achieve my dreams of being a future engineer as the result enabled me to enter the best class in the science stream. I was again lucky as my class was assigned with dedicated and experienced teachers who were able to guide us well. That‘s why I had always paid full attention in classes and always finished any homework or assignments on time. Thus, I just needed to attend Chinese and Malay language tuition classes to improve my language skills. I also attended Accounting classes as I believed that having a little knowledge in accountings may be useful later in my life. I am someone who relishes challenges in life, and this is why I chose to take 13 subjects in my SPM. I also believed that we should constantly seek new knowledge whenever we can as this can make us more knowledgeable. I studied hard to achieve my target of getting straight As by getting help from teachers and also by managing my time well. My effort paid off handsomely as I managed to get 13As in my SPM. However I only get 11A+s and 2A-s with the blemish being my Chinese and Malay language papers.
Throughout my years in SMK Gajah Berang, I was not only academically excellent but also constantly active in various co-curricular activities that culminating in me holding various high posts in my last years of my education.  I joined the St. John's Ambulance Cadet, Chess Club and the Cooperative Club (Kelab Koperasi).  I also joined the Cooperative Society to serve the school.  When I was in Form 3, I entered the Science and Mathematics Society.  From year to year, I had the chance to attend various activities held at state level and national level so this increased my exposure and also provided experience to later lead various clubs and societies.  I also had the distinction of representing the school in competitions such as the MSSM state level chess competition and also state level science competitions where I managed to get fourth and second placing when I was in Form 3 and Form 4 respectively.  I had also managed to get High Distinction in the UNSW International Science Quiz which was organised by University of New South Wales, Australia. 
By the time I reached Form 4, I was already the President of the Cooperative Club, Vice President of the Science and Mathematics Society and also the Secretary of Chess Club. As a result, I not only learned to be a good follower but also be a good leader. I also learned on how to communicate and cooperate well with others. These skills helped me obtained prestigious interviews with Shell and Sime Darby to get a place in their scholarships programme.
Currently I’m studying at the Penang Matriculation College, majoring in Physics and I have obtained the local JPA scholarship that will be given to me once I’m enrolled in university.  I obtained 3As in my recent matriculation test and I will work even harder for the end-of-semester examination so I can study the course that I prefer and enter the university of my choice.

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