Tan Sri Rahim Noor Award Winner 2009 - Yang Yuan Zhong

When I first stepped into SMK Gajah Berang, I was rather amazed by the culture of the school. The school comprises of students of different personalities that could get along very well and the teachers prioritize the well-being of the students.

My life in SMK Gajah Berang was a fruitful and enjoyable one. In the five years, I met a lot of friends and teachers, acquired  lots of knowledge and skills. The dedicated teachers in SMK Gajah Berang helped me a lot in my studies. I only had to pay attention in class and read their notes. They say that great teachers inspire and the teachers in SMK Gajah Berang are truly amazing. The students are also willing to help each other  in their studies.
They say that great teachers inspire and the teachers in SMK Gajah Berang are truly amazing.
SMK Gajah Berang is also famous for  its extra-curricular activities. The school believes that in order to cultivate an all-rounded student, he needs to learn other skills by involving in social activities. I  have involved myself in the school Scouts Movement. As a scout, I was  required to participate and organize camps, campfires, jamborees and other events. My hard work paid off when I was entrusted with the responsibility as the  president of the movement and  was awarded a king scout. But the responsibility did  not end there as I had to take upon the ownership to lead the entire Scouts Movement. Through my journey in the Scouts Movement, I acquired experiences that had  contributed  a lot in my studies which had cultivated me  towards building my own character. I am thankful  the school for awarding me with the Anugerah Khas Pelajar 2009.
When I was announced as the winner of the Tan Sri Rahim Noor Award, I felt thrilled and relieved. Now, I can make my parents proud of me. I am currently studying in INTI International University. Lastly, I wish to say thanks to all the teachers and friends that have helped me through these years in SMK Gajah Berang and also to GBS Old Boys’ Association for acknowledging me.

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