Tan Sri Rahim Noor Award Winners



The Persatuan started awarding the best SPM student of our alma mater with the Datuk Rahim Noor Award of Excellence in 1987.  In 1988 the Persatuan started helping the poor students with good results with their examination  fees. 10 SRP, 5 SPM and 5 STPM  students benefited from this noble project, and when there were more applicants they were given due consideration especially to the very poor but with above average results.

In 1990 the Datuk Rahinm Noor Award became known as the Tan Sri Rahim Noor Award.  From 1998 the Persatuan added another award, the STPM Award of Excellence for those students who did extremely well in their STPM examination achieving 4 distinctions.  The STPM Award of Excellence was discontinued in 2008 together with the Examination Fees Aid when students need not have to pay fees for their examinations.

The Tan Sri Rahim Noor Award is still being awarded to the best SPM student who excel well in their studies and extra co-curriculum activities. The recipient receives cash RM500 plus a plaque.  The next 5 best applicants  with a minimum of 9 distinctions each receive cash award of RM200.

We would like to invite past winners of the Tan Sri Rahim Noor Award to contact us at our website and let us know how you are doing.  We welcome contributions of articles.



Tan Sri Rahim Noor Award Winners


1987     -     Ng Chin  Sin                                             

1988     -     Tiow Kee Heng

1989     -     Ong Cheng Kang                                    

1990     -     Ghwee Kok Lye

1991     -     Lim Wei Chun                                          

1992     -     Wong Kam Heng

1993     -     Queck Chan Kiong                                  

1994     -     Ng Wei Hann

1995     -     Chin Chia Ping                                         

1996     -     Lim Chye Ing

1997     -     Loh Yi Sin                                                  

1998     -     Leong Chin Harn

1999     -     Lim Chueh Yik                                          

2000     -     Tok Chye Hock

2001     -     Kong Chia Ni                                            

2002     -     Lai Han Lyn

2003     -     Chong Foo Yee                                        

2004     -     Lim Sue Lyn

2005     -     Edwin Tan Tiow Yong                              

2006     -     Chua Zie Wearn

2007     -     Fong Shu Wen                                         

2008     -     Lew Cui Fang

2009     -     Yang Yuan Zhong

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