Eight New Monkeys

Eight New Monkeys

(This is based on an actual experiment conducted in U.K.)

Eight monkeys were put in a room. In the middle of the room is a ladder, leading to a bunch of bananas hanging from a hook on the ceiling. Each time a monkey tries to climb the ladder all the monkeys are sprayed with ice water, which makes them miserable.

Soon enough, whenever a monkey attempts to climb the ladder, all of the other monkeys, not wanting to be sprayed, set upon him and beat him up.

Food consumption by countries compared

Living in a country like the U.S., where most people struggle with limiting their food consumption, it’s hard to imagine a life where you don’t even have the option of accessing enough calories for health.


Climate Change Facts

Atmospheric, Biodiversity, Land & Ice Cap, Human, Ocean and Other Impacts of Climate Change

Global Sea Surface Temperature: maps like this help us understand how Earth is warming both generally and as part of events such as El Nino.


Greenhouse Gas Levels

Currently, the IPCC’s worst case scenario forecasts are being realised or exceeded, leading to a catastrophic 1000 parts per million of CO2 by end of century.  To preserve the planet in a similar state as now, human kind must aim to reduce CO2 levels from the current 385 parts per million to a stabilised target of 350 parts per million.

Supreme Master Ching Hai Speaks with the Press.


 HALLO, noble media members of Mexico and especially here in Quintana Roo Province.  I'd really  like to convey my appreciation and respect, first of all, for your courageous efforts and commitment to report all the truth and all the important news to provide accurate information to the public.


From Crisis to Peace

"We have a climate crisis that is a planetary emergency" .........Al Gore.


    The world's scientists fear that if we pass certain tipping points, the next stages of climate change would not only be fast but irreversible and catastrophic.  So, there are already signs of this dangerous time approaching  through observations of lakes  and elsewhere bubbling with methane gas that used to be stored safely below a frozen layer of the Earth.


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