Culture of Accountability; Firewall against Corruption... A Possibility


The way forward to combat corruption is to instill good values such as honest,, accountability and integrity to our young population. There is a need  for education policy to place moral values as a major component, besides the traditional educating approach of imparting various professional discipline. 
"...... In the words of Mr. Peter Eigen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Transparency International as a preface to TI Source Book 2000... Corruption is one of the greatest challenges of  our age - a challenge that must and can be confronted. There are no short cuts, and no easy answers. The scourge of corruption will, to some degree or another, always be with us. As we enter a new millennium, we are conscious that corruption, to a greater or lesser extent, poses a threat not only to the environment, human rights, democratic institutions and fundamental rights and freedoms, but it also undermines development and deepens poverty for millions the world over. If it is allowed to continue to provoke irrational governance, one driven by greed rather by the people's needs, and to disrupt the development of the private sector, corruption will even deny that most fundamental of human needs - hope.”

Drug Mules: Couriers of doom

October 2010


Globally over 185 million people consume illicit drugs annually.  Countless numbers are involved in the production and trafficking of these illicit substances and so many more are ravaged and “ crippled “ by the drug scourge, not to mention the social and economic devastation impacted by addiction and trafficking.  The drug trends are alarming and pervading the future of youths in every community notwithstanding geographical or political boundaries.  Drug trafficking has become a most lucrative business and ensure a never ending supply to those hooked on the substance.  It is in trafficking illicit drugs that “ mules “ come to the fore and their numbers are ever increasing as demands increase and profits soar.

Prevent, reverse or cure heart disease

 Greetings to one and all.  May the end of the year 2010 and beginning of the new year

 2011 bring much Joy and Happiness to all. 

Letter from past Principal, Mr Tan Boon Lin, 11 October 2010


11 October 2010

Mr Tan Boon Lin, past HM, GBS

Dear Hamzah,

I am writing to thank you and your Association for your invitation to my wife and I to join your recent Reunion Dinner at Tropicana.

Silver Jubilee Dinner, October 2010 -- Thanks to the donors!

  The PERSATUAN sincerely thank all those who have contributed to the UPKEEP and

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