Alumni 1964 - Johnny Loo


Born in Melaka in 1946 and graduated from Tranquerah English School in 1959. Came to Gajah Berang English School in 1960 and graduated with a Cambridge School Certificate in 1964.  


SPM Award of Excellence 2009 - Ong Kian Poh

First of all I want to thank GBSOBA for giving me this opportunity to deliver a few words here. There is no any secret behind my success in the SPM examination. I do believe that everyone must have his own principle in order to drive him to where he wants to go to. We need not have to be great to start but we should start to be great.

SPM Award of Excellence 2009 - Lim Zi Xian

SPM Award of Excellence - 2009  Lim Zi Xian

Lim Zi ZXian, Rahim Noor Award 2009I  entered SMK Gajah Berang in 2005 and was placed in one of the two top classes based on my PMR results. Though I studied hard, my results were just average.  My scores were not extremely good, nor were they really bad. With this I managed to maintain my seat in the first class up to Form 3.  I paid attention in class and completed all homework given by the teachers. For me homework is much better compared to doing all those exercise books.  Aside from that, I took Bahasa Melayu tuition as the other tuitions were not necessary if I paid attention in class.  I tried to cooperate with the teachers and played my role as a student as best I could.  With this I managed to be one of the students from GBS that scored 8As in the PMR.


Alumni 1960 - Hamzah Sidang Mohamad


Hamzah Sidang Mohamad adalah anak Melaka yang telah banyak menyumbangkan khidmat dan jasa kepada bangsa dan negara. Hamzah dilahirkan di Bachang, Melaka pada tahun 1942. Ayahnya adalah bekas penghulu Bachang, Melaka, Allahyarham Haji Mohamad bin Said.


Beliau memperolehi Diploma Perguruan daripada Brinsford Lodge ( University of Birmingham ), B.A.  (Hons) Universiti Malaya, Diploma in Guidance and Counselling & MA ( Ed. ) Universiti Reading, UK.

Alumni 1969 - Richard Tan


My name is Richard Tan, GBS class of ’69. Now 58, married with 4 children, no grand children. Yes, older, but not yet feeling totally past it, at least mentally... so far!

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