Alumni 1964 - Johnny Loo


Born in Melaka in 1946 and graduated from Tranquerah English School in 1959. Came to Gajah Berang English School in 1960 and graduated with a Cambridge School Certificate in 1964.  


GBSES has made a man out of many of us with good school activities. I personally have three memories that I cherished and talk about with my children. Firstly, I rose to the rank of Sergeant Major in the school cadet corp under the leadership of our teacher Mr. Cheong Pak Seong.  Secondly, I acted in  a love story called "Madam Butterfly" and my lover was none other than Michael Lim Geok Hean.  Our beloved teacher Mr Lee Saik Chuan was the producer and director of this fantastic love story.  Thirdly, and again lead by Mr Lee Saik Chuan, our school wanted to educate the students about understanding the process of democracy.  The school had its first School Prefect to be elected by the students. The students who came forward must present their manifesto, had to do public rally and give a public speech to the students in the school hall.  I was very lucky because I had Mr Chua Hong Pong to write my manifesto and many political secretaries to give me guidance.  My speech in the school hall was guided by again, Mr Lee Saik Chuan's history lessons. With all their help, I was the first elected School Prefect for GBSES. 

Another activity which I will never forget is the organising of a school talent time which had Mr Lim Aik Peng singing Wooden Heart and Mr August Ang singing The Young Ones.  We had the talent and probably could have made it to American Idol, who knows.

Another activity which I will never forget is the organising of a school talent time which had Mr Lim Aik Peng singing Wooden Heart and Mr August Ang singing The Young Ones.  We had the talent and probably could have made it to American Idol, who knows.


That was our school, GBSES led by our principal, Mr Kok Swee Hong whom we called Bulldog.  He looked very fierce but actually had a good heart for his students.  He paid particular attention to the naughty ones and tried to lead them.  My time with GBSES led me to join the Military.  I heard that my school mates Mr Cheng Tiom Bow and Mr Lim Aik Peng had joined the Royal Malaysian Air Force.  I was motivated by Mr Leslie Koch, our school Head Prefect about flying.


I joined the Royal Malaysian Air Force on the 8th of May 1968.  Had my first taste of the realities of the military in the Royal Military College.  Started flying in 1969 and went on to fly fighter planes for the Air Force.  Did some service to the country in various border operations in Malaya and Sabah/Sarawak.  Was awarded the AMN ( Ahli Mangku Negara) for leading a formation of fighters to intercept a foreign navy who had hijacked a group of our fishing trawlers.  I left the Air Force knowing that I had trained many to be pilots and just as many to be Fighter Pilots.


Left the Air Force in 1990 and joined the Malaysia Airlines.  Served in Sabah and Sarawak until 1993 and those were the most interesting time of my life as an Airline pilot.  I had the opportunity to see many interesting places of my country which not too many Malaysian had.  This going out of my habitat bug bit me and I later served in Cambodia and Myanmar flying the Boeing 737 for them under a wet leased programme with Malaysia Airlines.


In 1996, left Malaysia Airlines for EVA Airways in Taiwan flying their Boeing 767, Airbus 330 and Boeing 747.  This opened my vision of life a little bit more as I had the opportunity to fly to many parts of the world.  Retired at age 60 in 2006, I decided to contribute back to the airline industry by being an instructor for the airline pilots.  Joined Boeing Training in Singapore and now with Cathay Pacific Airways in Hong Kong.  Living away from home all these time have brought me closer to home, MALAYSIA

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