SPM Award of Excellence 2009 - Lim Zi Xian

SPM Award of Excellence - 2009  Lim Zi Xian

Lim Zi ZXian, Rahim Noor Award 2009I  entered SMK Gajah Berang in 2005 and was placed in one of the two top classes based on my PMR results. Though I studied hard, my results were just average.  My scores were not extremely good, nor were they really bad. With this I managed to maintain my seat in the first class up to Form 3.  I paid attention in class and completed all homework given by the teachers. For me homework is much better compared to doing all those exercise books.  Aside from that, I took Bahasa Melayu tuition as the other tuitions were not necessary if I paid attention in class.  I tried to cooperate with the teachers and played my role as a student as best I could.  With this I managed to be one of the students from GBS that scored 8As in the PMR.


As I entered upper secondary school, I chose to join the Science stream as I have always wanted to be a doctor and contribute to society.  I continued my style of studying, which was to pay a lot of attention in class and finished every assignment and work given by the teachers.  I continued my tuition in BM but I also took Accounts tuition, reason being I was taking Accounts in SPM but in school this lesson was not offered to Science stream students.


I also took Chinese and EST (English for Science and Technologies) as extra subjects for SPM.  With plenty of hard work, I’m happy that my efforts paid off as I received straight A's for my SPM. Only my BM and BC had an A- while I managed to score an A+ in each of the other subjects.


During school days, I was not the type that cared only for my studies. I was also active in co-curricular activities.  I joined the Fencing Club since Form 1 and had been an active school fencer.  I once participated in an overnight fencing camp in Kuala Lumpur.  I also took part in some of the competitions organised by the School or other organisations and brought back medals.  I also learned to be a good leader here as I was given the chance to hold the post of President.  I had trained myself to lead others, organised activities and such like but still maintained my academic results.  


Aside from Fencing Club, I also joined the school’s Resource Centre Organisation by becoming a librarian.  By being a librarian I was more exposed to the ways of working together with other people as well as being a good team leader and member.  I was an executive member for three consecutive “Program Jejak Maklumat”.  This programme was held annually and librarians from schools all over Malacca, such as CHS, NDC, STCM were all invited to join.  Through this programme I became not only a good leader but also a good follower.  I was also given the chance to show off my leadership as I held the post of an executive member in the school's Resource Centre Organisation.


Currently I’m taking a course in "Foundation in Science" in Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences and would proceed onto Medicine next year.  I’m a holder of this year’s JPA scholarship and I would do my best to achieve success in my undertakings.  


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