Tan Giin Rong - GBS alumnus involved in horrific accident

Saturday, 16 October 2010

The nations most horrific crash that killed 13 and injured 45, was the worst in history.

One of the victim is our GBS Alumnus

A group of friends gather together and organised a pledge to lighten his pre and post surgery cost. To-date (as at 10.55am ,16/10/10), a total of RM5555 was collected from good samaritan mostly communicated through facebook (http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=161648443852853). 


The association will organise a pledge between our members and our Honorary Secretary will be in touch with all with regards to this pledge.


Let's all pray for Giin Rong. Some of the news below.








MALACCA: His passion is basketball and Tan Giin Rong played for his former school SMK Gajah Berang before continuing his love for the game as a player for Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman where he studies.

Now, all the 18-year-old can hope for is to sit upright after becoming paralysed from the waist down due to a serious spinal injury suffered during the horrific bus crash along the North-South Expressway that killed 12 people.

Tan, who started his mechanical engineering course five months ago, was transferred from the Malacca Hospital yesterday afternoon to undergo surgery at the Mahkota Medical Centre here scheduled for today.

Despite being aware of her son’s predicament, his mother, Yong Siew Yen, 45, remains hopeful that the surgery would at least give her son some mobility to his lower back.

“I was told he will never be able to use his legs again and that the surgery would at least allow him to sit upright,” said the pharmaceutical product promoter.

“I hope that the surgery will be successful so that he will not be totally bedridden for the rest of his life.”

Tan was rushed to the Malacca Hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU) and was deemed stable to undergo the surgery by doctors.

Yong described Tan as a filial son who would bring his friends to meet the family during his fortnightly trip home at Taman Merdeka Jaya in Batu Berendam, and said Tan’s siblings were equally devastated by the news.

A former classmate Ian Choo, 18, said that Tan is a jovial and active person who loves playing basketball.

“He was very active in school and even represented our school in the basketball team.

“He continued to play even after enrolling in TAR college and succeeded in making the college basketball team recently,” he said after visiting a still-unconscious Tan at the private medical centre yesterday.

Testimony of Tan’s friendly personality is evident from the hundreds of messages posted on his Facebook wall wishing him a speedy recovery

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